SK Khoza Viral Video No Sensor – It looks like the petition to bring Shaka Khoza resurrected won’t work because the decision to end his agreement has previously been made!

SK Khoza spoke to Metro FM on Thursday about the commotion from fans who either needed him back or for his exit to not be the result of death. The petition, coordinated at Ferguson Films, was a request for the creation house to reconsider SK’s agreement end.

Overwhelmed by the affection from fans, SK said that he won’t investigate the petition and he does not realize who started it but rather couldn’t imagine anything better than to get to know the person in question. Everything comes to an end and SK feels he has done his part.

“That is to say, Shaka has been on the show for a long time. It’s such quite a while. I’m pleased with the way that I did as much as I could for the person, and in the short space of time in terms of the story-line I’m content with what I did.” said the entertainer.

The meeting also permitted the entertainer to iron out a couple of things, one being the genuine reason he left.

Fans were most pleased by the way that he at last addressed the rumors of his departure. It was accounted for that he was terminated because of his diva tendencies and his unprofessionalism. Neither him nor the creation house spoke out to verify or refute the claims made when it was declared last month. Obviously that didn’t sit well with the entertainer.

However, SK addressed the claims saying that his persistent effort resulted in him getting another agreement from The Fergusons just after he had wrapped up the Shaka character. His new agreement is for a show called Kings Of Joburg, where he will be acting alongside his brother, Abdul Khoza.

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