Shinzo Abe Shot dead Video Goes Viral – Following the shooting of previous Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, “Shinzo Abe” has been standing out in the United States, the United Kingdom, India, and so forth as well, such as being positioned high in the Twitter trend. The episode is also revealed as top news on the net news of every country.

Twitter has a capability to display trends in every country. “Shinzo Abe” has been added to the trend in the United States, and “Nara” and “PM Abe (PM = Prime Minister)” have also risen as Kanrenwado.

The web-based version of The Wall Street Journal in the United States wrote about the episode with the title “Previous Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will be shot.” He gave details of the case, citing Prime Minister Fumio Kishida’s remarks and NHK reports.

The British BBC revealed that “previous Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was seriously harmed by shooting.” In addition to the details of the case, he also touched on the residency of previous Prime Minister Abe, saying, “It is extremely shocking for a country that is glad that such a celebrity was shot is a safe nation.” ing.

China’s Xinhua Net revealed that “previous Prime Minister Abe was shot during a street speech and was at risk for life.” I gave the details of the case. As per media reports, Zhao Rei-Ken, a spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, said at a customary gathering, “I trust that previous Prime Minister Abe will escape risk and recuperate as soon as possible.”

Korea Daily announced, citing the suspect’s comment, “Abe heavy armament specialist, 40s from the Maritime Self-Defense Force, was dissatisfied with Abe and attempted to kill him.” It conveys exhaustively the scene and the situation of the suspect while adding photos.

In addition, the same occurrence was accounted for as top news on net news such as India, France, Germany, and Russia.

As per reports such as NHK, previous Prime Minister Abe was affirmed dead at the hospital where he was transferred.

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