Sergio Perez Party Leaked Video Checo Perez Link Video Viral – Red Bull driver Sergio Perez has seemingly spilled news of another agreement with the group following his triumph at the Monaco Grand Prix that propelled him into the title battle.

Sergio Perez might have inadvertently affirmed news of another agreement signed with Red Bull following his victory at a tumultuous Monaco Grand Prix that propelled him into the title battle.

Red Bull capitalized on Ferrari’s pit mistakes to take advantage in the French principality, with Perez and colleague Max Verstappen both acquiring positions over Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc, and Mexican driver Perez dominated his first race of the season.

It clinched Red Bull’s fourth win in succession, with Verstappen previously victorious in Imola, Miami and Barcelona, as the pendulum in the chase after the two titles swung for the Milton Keynes-based group.

Red Bull presently have significant control in the race for the Constructor’s Championship, which has been won by Mercedes in every one of the last eight seasons, holding a 36-point advantage over Ferrari and boasting an incredible 101-point cushion over Mercedes themselves.

Perez presently lies just 15-points behind partner Verstappen in the chase after the Driver’s Championship and sent a genuine statement of goal to Red Bull following his triumph in Monaco, having been requested to yield the lead to Verstappen in Barcelona.

The Mexican was discontent with that decision and it raised questions in regards to his position in the group but it appears he’s hitched his wagon to Red Bull again, having ‘spilled’ news of another agreement following his success in Monte Carlo.

While heading to the platform, Perez was envisioned embracing group head Christian Horner and said ‘I presumably signed too soon’, with Horner giggling in response – which appears to suggest an understanding is set up for another arrangement.

Perez’s momentum contract with Red Bull expires toward the end of the ebb and flow season and he was tested about his remark in the subsequent press gathering, where his clarification didn’t quite fit information exchanged: “I implied about the jug of champagne. We’ll find out.”

Colleague Verstappen kidded Perez’s success would have supported his chances of another arrangement, saying: “I think what you did today could help. Just a little bit.”

While Red Bull have not affirmed another arrangement for Perez, Horner made it clear it’s logical there will be no changes to the group’s driver line-up: “Checo has marked a ton of boxes so I figure there would be no great explanation to look outside of the driver matching that we have. With the applicable time, we will educate you regarding what our plans are for the following year. When there’s something to say about Checo, we’ll have it to say.”

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